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What’s happiness???

Can anybody answer???? Well!! It’s a basic human feeling that every individual seeks for in their day-to-day life…. So, what according to you is happiness? Rather, I may ask, are you happy? It’s all about human perceptions which can actually make people happy. Some find happiness even in the morning blooms whereas some others are always in thirst of some bigger deal. What I feel is, happiness varies in terms of age as the idea of happiness changes from an infant to a graybeard. For a newborn, happiness is when their parents are around them smiling and cuddling them playfully. However, I have learnt about some extraordinary definitions of happiness through my experiences about life…. Well!!! life often gives us thousand reasons to smile, its our choice whether we would smile every other day with a new beginning.

Happiness is a choice, not a result. Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy. . . .

Some interesting facts surrounding happiness


Satisfaction, I believe is the inner peace that one derives from completing a mission or fulling a dream. This feeling is connected to happiness that is when one attains mental peace in doing something. The outcomes of our actions give us the level of satisfaction that we deserve. In my opinion, happiness can not only be derived from an external object but also from satisfying out soul. For instance, the satisfaction derived from completing a challenge is actually the mode to gain happiness.  


Someone recently said ‘I just met an old friend and had a great time!’… In my opinion, the statement itself makes it clear that the person is extremely happy to meet his old friend and gossip about the old school days… So, it’s a kind of happiness that every individual experiences in life. Meeting an old friend makes memories that people love to cherish for days. So, some say happiness is reliving old days with best buddies and gossiping about all the moments they spent together. One even finds happiness being at home enjoying their lunch and dinner with family members… What it means being with family can only be explained by ones who stay away from their loved ones year after year. For them happiness is meeting their close friends and family members after decades and this feeling can never be explained….


Next comes another factor leading to happiness that is ‘achievement’ or ‘success’… It is when one is able to achieve his/her own targets, it is the time when one finds happiness indeed. Long term goals are often difficult to achieve but when one meets unbelievable targets he consider his mission to be accomplished… So, success actually gives new hopes to set new targets and be happy in the long run. In fact, I believe people can take up more challenges in life if they are happy with their performances.  


Positive attitude is necessary for people to be successful in life… In fact, positive attitude can also help an individual to conquer failure. Bill Gates once said – “It’s fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure”. So, its our positive nature that can make us happy even after experiencing failure… In my opinion, positivity is about learning from our mistakes and planning for a better tomorrow… Staying positive can make us dream every day and regain trust in ourselves to fight all odds.

The final verdict  

Last but not the least… Can money buy happiness? This is actually a tricky question whose answer varies with situations… One might be fond of a new car and money can actually make him happy. But money is definitely not an option for a person looking for love and care. It can be stated that money can meet the demands of materialistic individuals but it can never replace family, friends and well-wishers… It was rightly said by Bob Dylan- “All the money you made will never buy back your soul”. I believe money is just a tool, when used properly it creates history but when used wrongly, it makes a mess!!!! What’s say???????????

Unusual Talks Logo

Hey!!!! My Lovely viewers!!! I just designed my website logo which symbolizes my motto for launching this page…. The logo comprises of objects like pen and a girl expressing her views… This is exactly the purpose of ‘Unusual Talks’ where I share my views with all my viewers through the blogs. I would like to thank you all for your love and support throughout…. Please keep liking and following my blogs so that I get motivated to think of some more unusual aspects and bring to you some interesting stories…. 🙂 🙂

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Desires and Expectations. . . . .

‘DESIRES’ and ‘EXPECTATIONS’ the two important pillars which sometimes make or break human beings. In fact, both aspects are a never-ending process which keep human beings active and ambitious in life. You know what? For some people ‘Desire’ and ‘Expectation’ go hand-in-hand… Desire is actually a strong feeling for wishing something to take place whereas Expectation is the belief that it would take place. For instance, everybody has their own dreams but there are people who believe that their dreams would come true some day!! Unfortunately, every coin has two faces and I have found people with unrealistic desires who have ultimately ruined their lives.

There is actually a twist in this story…. Desires and expectations can only be realized with hard work, dedication and perseverance. I believe that it is not only the hard work that’s needed but one must be dedicated to their dreams as badly as they desire for it. ‘Perseverance’ is another important pillar that people must always practice as they chase their dreams. I am sure you must be thinking that I am going too much philosophical with these heavy vocabularies. Lets make it simple. . . . .  😊

True Stories. . . . .

I hope all of us are following Tokyo Olympics 2020 currently… I believe each of the participants in this international event have their basic expectation of winning a medal for their country. Since Olympics is an event that happens with a gap of four years and if someone fails to win a medal, the individual/team has to wait for four years to crack the next Olympics. There are 205 nations comprising of 11090 athletes participating in the current event and not everyone would be able to fulfil their dream of winning a medal. But this does not mean that they have not worked hard or put in their best efforts. We can rather say that their dedication and perseverance would help them win in the next Olympics. Every success story talk about hard work, dedication and perseverance that are needed to deal with all sorts of challenges. In fact, these pillars are even necessary to strengthen the mental health of the competitors.

I have also seen a different picture where desires and expectations have actually sabotaged over-ambitious people. Few businessmen who have reached great heights have gradually turned their businesses towards unethical practices in hope of fulfilling huge expectations and finally toppled down from those mountains of expectations that they had set. I feel human desires and expectations are very tricky and so one must nurture them wisely. In my opinion, fulfilling desires and expectations also require effective planning of strategies that can be adopted.

Realization. . . .

A few expectations are huge enough to be immensely time-consuming and one must be focused towards the objectives. For instance, I myself have the desire to go for a world tour someday and I am not sure whether I will ever be able to fulfil it. But the fact is, it keeps me enthusiastic every single day and I can fight all odds… I would say its good to have desires and expectations that make your life challenging as well as surprising. I have seen people hating challenges and looking for an easy way out but that actually makes no sense. Someone rightly said- “A challenge only becomes an obstacle when you bow to it”. So, we just need to smile and accept the challenges that come across…. 😊

The desire never ends. . . . .

There is something I believe for which the desire never ends and this desire is not even specific to any demographics. The desire to gain more knowledge and the desire to earn more…. Human beings are always in the constant learning process as they gain new knowledge, new skills as well as new experiences while keeping themselves active at all times. So, is the desire to earn more. But the sad part of the story is desire for more wealth leads some people to dig their own grave. I can recall a quote by Jonathan Swift in this regard- “A wise person should have money in their head, but not in their heart”. Another famous quote by Benjamin Franklin- “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”. Me too agree with all these quotes as in my opinion knowledge is wealth but money can buy enemies too. . . . . .

If I had a magic wand. . . .

I wish I had a magic wand that would give me the freedom to fulfil all my wishes…. I wonder how would I have felt with such magic in my hands!! Would I have been the superwoman changing the world and abolishing all the negativities around? Or would I utilize the magic to realize my personal goals? Would I be selfish or would I be selfless? Well!!! there are no answers to my questions unless I wake up some day in the morning with a magic wand in my hand… Ha ha. . . . 😊 That’s something unbelievable…..

I cannot think of the significant changes that I can make but yesss, there are a few things I would I like to change from the core of my heart… One such facet would be the attitude of each human being towards one another. I can still find disrespect persisting among human beings for no reason. What’s the cause? Why have people been behaving so rude and being so unsocial? Can anybody tell me?? There have been discriminations in the name of caste, creed, religion, sex, beliefs and superstitions which are simple man-made… I don’t think God would ever want us to be conscious about our culture and religion while helping a poor beggar. Some have even lost their senses to differentiate between the right and the wrong. I find people who have turned into religious puppets and who require immediate assistance to come out of this black hole.

The next thing that I found to be very unpleasant is the misery and suffering that people go through when they are unable to fulfil their basic needs. I wish I could twist my magic wand on all those penniless souls so that they are able to breathe fresh air and earn their bread every other day. It is so disheartening to see people die everyday just because they can’t afford a treatment. I ask myself everyday- ‘Don’t they deserve to lead a healthy and happy life?’ Again, it’s unfortunate that I don’t have the answer. I find newborn infants dying out of malnutrition just because their parents are not well off to feed their babies with a healthy diet. So, I just feel like pleading to God almighty- “Dear God! Bless me with a magic wand for a day and I shall bring smile to these despairing souls….”

The last but not the least- the change that I wish to bring is on myself because I believe that if we want to change the world the first step that we need to take is change ourselves. As Leo Tolstoy once said- “Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself”. In my opinion if one can change their own point of views, he can motivate others to bring a positive change. So, if I ever get a chance to twist a magic wand, I would rather choose to wave it on myself. I would use this magical power to create happy homes for the homeless, poor and destitute souls. I would even create a grievance redressal forum where every individual can find justice. I wish to create a wonderland where people would not face any scarcity of food, shelter, clothing and medical treatment.

Everybody like me would wish to have a magic wand to create a fantasy world but the bitter truth is we actually need the sorrows and sufferings to rejoice the golden moments. One can feel the importance of happiness only when one crosses the beds of sorrows…

“The deeper the sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain”

– Khalil Gibran

Thursday Blues

Dear Bloggers

Hope everything is going on well!! A kind request to all my beloved viewers… Please pour your comments and feedbacks to my blogs…. Also, request you all to follow my page for all updates… Your love and support gives me the energy to think of a new topic… Looking forward to your support . . . . . 🙂

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When the world was locked

Since the onset of 2020 some new vocabularies have entered my dictionary. Actually, not only me but for many homo sapiens like me, the words – pandemic, lockdown, quarantine, Covid-19 landed out of nowhere. Could anybody ever think, that man, despite of being a social animal, have to stay in isolation just because some crazy virus has decided to party around?? I don’t remember human beings who have ever felt so powerless just due to an attack of a meagre virus. However, gradually I realized that what I had considered a petty affair was strong enough to make our lives restricted to isolation homes, masks, sanitizers and lockdown. Now comes the actual question- Do human beings even deserve this? Well!!!!! Some say that mother earth was taking a toll to all the injustice done to her.

Every coin has two faces and so does the impact of Covid-19…. On one hand it has turned out to be a nightmare to every other family who have lost their near and dear ones. The scenario was like all the social problems- poverty, unemployment, inflation, loss of jobs and psychological disorders have crippled human existence. I believe each of these problems are interlinked… Let me explain how!! A number of sectors have been affected as a result of the prolonged lockdown due to Covid-19. Companies have shut down and businesses have lost revenues leading to laying off their precious assets. The story does not end here. People losing their jobs desperately looked for new openings and due to lack of jobs they remained unemployed. Unemployed youths usually suffer from psychological disorders while isolating themselves for a long time. The misery of a family man losing his mode of earning can never be ignored and it gave rise to the biggest social problem that one can face- ‘POVERTY’!!!!! To my surprise, this lockdown tale continued for atleast seven to eight months when gradually people could accustom themselves… Soon after this first wave, came another destructive second wave which I believe no one had ever expected even in their wildest dreams. How can mother earth be so cruel? With death toll rising overtime, people were anxiously waiting for their turn to succumb to this deadly virus. This time it was not even the doctors who could do miracles and the spike headed demon ruled the world….

Let’s think the other way round… Did Covid-19 bring any change to lifestyle or the world as a whole? I would say YES!! It did change the stereotypical life of all individuals. People have started depending on themselves while staying in isolation. Some have even discovered their hidden passion which they failed to follow due to their busy schedule. Well!! The MNCs have finally realized that the employees can be productive even in their comfort zone…. & the world has been moving towards digital transformation… People have been working upon their technical skills to survive during the Covid phase. Last but not the least even the busiest souls had the opportunities to spend time with their family members which was a need of an hour. I sometimes wonder what would have happened if the virus had not played its role? Would the world had ever changed? Or we would have followed the stereotypical lifestyle that’s similar to human robots??

To all the viewers- Please share your opinion in the comments section as to how you feel about the way in which Covid-19 has affected this world?   

Success vs Failure

Which comes first – success or failure? Well!!! Its exactly like the chicken and egg story where nobody knows which appears first. Some say failure is the stepping stone to success whereas some others are born with golden spoon. But what’s more important is the struggle and the journey that one takes to bridge the gap within these two pillars. I believe both are necessary for human existence. For instance, a person would never understand the importance of success unless he has failed once in life or a person who has already experienced failure can always learn from his mistakes.  So, basically success and failure are both two faces of the same coin and it is often the luck that favours the brave. Let us deeply understand the true sense of experiencing success or failure….

What’s failure?

Has anybody ever thought what failure is actually? It’s not when you are unsuccessful in your attempt or when you fail a thousand times… I believe it’s in accepting ‘I am a failure’…. There are times when we don’t even want to take up the challenges just because we are afraid that we might fail and be a specimen to laugh at. The worst part is due to fear of losing, we don’t even make an effort to go beyond our comfort zone and try something new. What else can be more pathetic than to know that we are unable to conquer our own phobias. It is very much necessary to be aware of one’s potential and incapabilities so as to overcome failure. Actually, life might give us a thousand opportunities and it is often us who do not take advantage of these opportunities and accept our failure. However, it does not even mean that life is always a race and we need to accelerate our motion to be the winner. If that would have been the case, the tortoise would have never completed the race. In my opinion there are certain human emotions that can set the stage for an ultimate failure- overconfidence, fear, nervousness, lack of willingness, lack of ambition. So, the day when one is free from all such emotions is the day when one can overpower failure.

“Only those who dare to fail greatly, can ever achieve greatly.” – Robert F. Kennedy

Success or accomplishment

Some might easily consider ‘success’ to be the antonym to ‘failure’ but I would say the true meaning to success is something deeper than this. It is the self-confidence that one develops upon the skills that he possesses. A success story can be considered as a collage that is formed of numerous small bits of failure, hard work, dedication, positive outlook and perseverance. Success is about fulfilling dreams that were once fantasized in a deep sleep. Intense planning and developing one’s confidence and skills and learning from the errors that were committed previously can help someone build the castle of success. I can truly accept the proverb- “Rome was not built in a day!!!!” Similarly, if we are longing for something unbelievable, the efforts cannot be measured in hours, minutes or seconds. In my opinion, success is the definition of a feeling that makes us proud and not arrogant. Well!! It is meant for people like Nepolean who considers the word ‘impossible’ to be in the dictionary of fools…. Success is something that one has to nurture for days, months, years or even decades just as a mother takes care of her baby.

Success and failure are basically interlinked and these appear eventually in lives of every human being.  Now what’s your motto of success? Is it climbing Mt.Everest or crossing the English Channel or winning an Olympic Gold?? No, I am not talking of setting high hopes but success is actually when one can suppress one’s own incompetencies and compete against oneself…

The Cheeeeesssyyyy Affffairrrr. . . .

“CHEESE- Milk’s leap towards immortality” – Clifton Fadiman

The much needed Travelotherapy….

I am sure you all must be wondering what is travelotherapy!! Well! I just found this word in social media and assure you that you won’t find this in dictionary at all… The word itself resembles some sort of a therapy that I believe every human being must go through in order to remain alive and active.

“The world is a book and those who do not travel, read only one page.”Saint Augustine

Why do you need it?

I feel travelling is as necessary as oxygen for life because it is only ‘nature’ that provides us the energy to fight with all odds and combat all challenges. It is when our mind remains active and enthusiastic and we can plan out for a better tomorrow. I rather consider it to be a medium through which one can be far away from toiling day and night in the kitchen to slogging hard for a better business. I don’t think I have to shed a light on what a child or a teenager or a young adult feels about travelling! Traveling, as the name suggests is about moving away from home and finding a place where one can seek redemption. In my opinion every individual has their own definition of travelling which can either be known as adventure, recreation, road-tripping, pilgrimaging or voyaging. Did you just say business tour? Well!! Lets keep that aside for the time being.

My idea of Travelotherapy

I can never explain the feeling that I have when I plan for some tour. I often take it as the most important project of my life. Just kidding!!! Starting from choosing the places to visit followed by selection of accommodations all the way my project continues. Though I have never been to a solo trip or never worked as a tour manager but I prefer to take up the entire responsibility of making the tour a memorable one. Then begins my shopping spree depending on my chosen destination. Like if it’s a beach holiday, I go for some summer outfits or if it’s a mountain affair, no one can resist me from buying wooly cots and wind cheaters. You might be thinking why do I shop before the tour or it’s a poor investment that I make! Let me clear your confusion…. Travelling and photography goes side by side and every girl like me loves to have their photoshoot with new pair of outfits. I believe its kind of emotion that can never be explained…

So finally arrives the D day and I happen to wake up early in the morning like never before and give a finishing touch to my packing… As far as my packing is concerned, in desire of remaining self-dependent I almost pack my closet inside my trolley. This is kind of obsession I have that I might be missing out something and I might have to borrow. My journey begins with the mode of transport I choose- car, bus, train or flight. No doubt, train is the most comfortable and peaceful mode one can choose! The feeling is like- “leaving behind the hustle and bustle of city life and moving across the green paddy fields I go far far away….”

I check the reviews and photos almost a thousand times before finalizing the hotels so that there is no reason to regret. The irony is that people after entering the hotel room usually look for cleanliness and other facilities and me being a foody person make an attempt to find the menu card to look for some mouth-watering dishes. The story continues with some interesting sight-seeing, trekking through the mountain paths or strolling along the beaches. My excitement reaches a different height while having a heavenly dinner in the poolside restaurant or in a cozy hotel room with friends or family or while arranging a bonfire. The climax to my travelotherapy plan can never happen without shopping and if the destination is meant for shoppers then I book myself for the entire day.  

The utmost glory

Although a part of me mourns while the tour comes to an end but I remain hopeful that I will soon be planning another exciting journey beyond all odds. It gives me immense pleasure to share my experience and cherish them for days. I believe that there is a child in each one of us who wishes to live life to the fullest and it is our duty to nurture such dreams so as to have a happy heart. Well!! The ultimate advice that I would like to give to every traveler- ‘if you are willing to travel with your partner, look for someone who is equally excited about the tour’… Probably this would be the icing for your cake….   


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