When the world was locked

Since the onset of 2020 some new vocabularies have entered my dictionary. Actually, not only me but for many homo sapiens like me, the words – pandemic, lockdown, quarantine, Covid-19 landed out of nowhere. Could anybody ever think, that man, despite of being a social animal, have to stay in isolation just because some crazy virus has decided to party around?? I don’t remember human beings who have ever felt so powerless just due to an attack of a meagre virus. However, gradually I realized that what I had considered a petty affair was strong enough to make our lives restricted to isolation homes, masks, sanitizers and lockdown. Now comes the actual question- Do human beings even deserve this? Well!!!!! Some say that mother earth was taking a toll to all the injustice done to her.

Every coin has two faces and so does the impact of Covid-19…. On one hand it has turned out to be a nightmare to every other family who have lost their near and dear ones. The scenario was like all the social problems- poverty, unemployment, inflation, loss of jobs and psychological disorders have crippled human existence. I believe each of these problems are interlinked… Let me explain how!! A number of sectors have been affected as a result of the prolonged lockdown due to Covid-19. Companies have shut down and businesses have lost revenues leading to laying off their precious assets. The story does not end here. People losing their jobs desperately looked for new openings and due to lack of jobs they remained unemployed. Unemployed youths usually suffer from psychological disorders while isolating themselves for a long time. The misery of a family man losing his mode of earning can never be ignored and it gave rise to the biggest social problem that one can face- ‘POVERTY’!!!!! To my surprise, this lockdown tale continued for atleast seven to eight months when gradually people could accustom themselves… Soon after this first wave, came another destructive second wave which I believe no one had ever expected even in their wildest dreams. How can mother earth be so cruel? With death toll rising overtime, people were anxiously waiting for their turn to succumb to this deadly virus. This time it was not even the doctors who could do miracles and the spike headed demon ruled the world….

Let’s think the other way round… Did Covid-19 bring any change to lifestyle or the world as a whole? I would say YES!! It did change the stereotypical life of all individuals. People have started depending on themselves while staying in isolation. Some have even discovered their hidden passion which they failed to follow due to their busy schedule. Well!! The MNCs have finally realized that the employees can be productive even in their comfort zone…. & the world has been moving towards digital transformation… People have been working upon their technical skills to survive during the Covid phase. Last but not the least even the busiest souls had the opportunities to spend time with their family members which was a need of an hour. I sometimes wonder what would have happened if the virus had not played its role? Would the world had ever changed? Or we would have followed the stereotypical lifestyle that’s similar to human robots??

To all the viewers- Please share your opinion in the comments section as to how you feel about the way in which Covid-19 has affected this world?   

Published by Anasua Majumder

Miles to go before I sleep. . . .!!!!!!

6 thoughts on “When the world was locked

  1. This virus has been a blow to all of us and has also made it clear how fragile we are in health and economic terms. This virus, which thankfully is not as lethal as others, has truly brought us to our knees. Certainly the world has undergone a change since the virus arrived and in some ways also positively, although unfortunately this event caused us great pain. As for the environmental question … usually the viruses that attack humans are viruses that animals had and that have made the leap of species. Probably it was born because we are doing a real slaughter in terms of the environment and animals and it is not the first time that such a thing has happened.

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