Success vs Failure

Which comes first – success or failure? Well!!! Its exactly like the chicken and egg story where nobody knows which appears first. Some say failure is the stepping stone to success whereas some others are born with golden spoon. But what’s more important is the struggle and the journey that one takes to bridge the gap within these two pillars. I believe both are necessary for human existence. For instance, a person would never understand the importance of success unless he has failed once in life or a person who has already experienced failure can always learn from his mistakes.  So, basically success and failure are both two faces of the same coin and it is often the luck that favours the brave. Let us deeply understand the true sense of experiencing success or failure….

What’s failure?

Has anybody ever thought what failure is actually? It’s not when you are unsuccessful in your attempt or when you fail a thousand times… I believe it’s in accepting ‘I am a failure’…. There are times when we don’t even want to take up the challenges just because we are afraid that we might fail and be a specimen to laugh at. The worst part is due to fear of losing, we don’t even make an effort to go beyond our comfort zone and try something new. What else can be more pathetic than to know that we are unable to conquer our own phobias. It is very much necessary to be aware of one’s potential and incapabilities so as to overcome failure. Actually, life might give us a thousand opportunities and it is often us who do not take advantage of these opportunities and accept our failure. However, it does not even mean that life is always a race and we need to accelerate our motion to be the winner. If that would have been the case, the tortoise would have never completed the race. In my opinion there are certain human emotions that can set the stage for an ultimate failure- overconfidence, fear, nervousness, lack of willingness, lack of ambition. So, the day when one is free from all such emotions is the day when one can overpower failure.

“Only those who dare to fail greatly, can ever achieve greatly.” – Robert F. Kennedy

Success or accomplishment

Some might easily consider ‘success’ to be the antonym to ‘failure’ but I would say the true meaning to success is something deeper than this. It is the self-confidence that one develops upon the skills that he possesses. A success story can be considered as a collage that is formed of numerous small bits of failure, hard work, dedication, positive outlook and perseverance. Success is about fulfilling dreams that were once fantasized in a deep sleep. Intense planning and developing one’s confidence and skills and learning from the errors that were committed previously can help someone build the castle of success. I can truly accept the proverb- “Rome was not built in a day!!!!” Similarly, if we are longing for something unbelievable, the efforts cannot be measured in hours, minutes or seconds. In my opinion, success is the definition of a feeling that makes us proud and not arrogant. Well!! It is meant for people like Nepolean who considers the word ‘impossible’ to be in the dictionary of fools…. Success is something that one has to nurture for days, months, years or even decades just as a mother takes care of her baby.

Success and failure are basically interlinked and these appear eventually in lives of every human being.  Now what’s your motto of success? Is it climbing Mt.Everest or crossing the English Channel or winning an Olympic Gold?? No, I am not talking of setting high hopes but success is actually when one can suppress one’s own incompetencies and compete against oneself…

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5 thoughts on “Success vs Failure

  1. Actually, you find in nearly every philosophical work a reflection of success and failure: I. Kant, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Marx etc.
    We agree with you that there are many possibilities to define success.
    Thanks for sharing
    The Fab Four of Cley
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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